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The Band

Border band Jarabe Mexicano captures the nostalgic spirit of their roots with their charismatic brand of "Bordeño-Soul," which honors the musical tastes and cultural influences of its members. Jarabe, which translates to “concoction,” highlights the eclectic mix of genres they perform ranging from Mexican Folk, Rock & Roll, and Norteño/Tex-Mex to Latin Rock, Trío Romántico, and popular Cumbia. Their traditional string instruments and Norteño-inspired drums complement dramatic vocals in English, Spanish, and Spanglish, and shows how this multi-generational ensemble embraces change without forgetting the past.

As educators, cultural ambassadors and advocates for the arts, Jarabe Mexicano is “thought-provoking, heartfelt, and engaging,” raves the Vilar Performing Arts Center. Their four major programs include the year-round "Fiesta En Familia," their fall concert "Día de los Muertos: A Celebration of Life," their winter show entitled "A Bordeño-Soul Christmas," and their collaborative symphonic program "Fiesta En Sinfonía," which aim to create a deeper and more inclusive sense of family and community with a special commitment to underserved groups. Their EP Semillas as well as their self-titled album Jarabe Mexicano can be found on all digital streaming platforms.

The Members

Gustavo "Tavo" Alcoser, Jr.
Lead Vocalist, Managing Director, 
& Educational Outreach Coordinator


As a transborder resident, Tavo received his Associates degree from Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA and went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts in Music from San Diego State University, with a minor in Latin American Studies. Trained as a classical vocalist, Tavo was a founding member of the SDSU Chamber Choir and the San Diego Pro Arte Voices professional choral ensemble. Tavo continued his interdisciplinary education with a Master of Arts degree in Latin American Studies that explored transborder identity and its effects on gender, creative processes, and artistic performance. He is now composing original music and venturing into musical theater. Tavo is also the Lead Vocalist, Managing Director, and Educational Outreach Coordinator for Jarabe Mexicano.

Daniel "Danny" Brito
Percussion, Artistic Director,
& Educational Outreach Coordinator


Danny Brito is a drummer, percussionist, composer, and visual artist based in Tucson, Arizona. Raised in Nogales, AZ, Danny’s early interests in both the visual and performing arts allowed him to become an artist that crosses the borders of both major mediums. In music, he has participated in masterclasses with many of the top drummers and percussionists in the industry. These include Dave Weckl, Horacio Hernandez, Ed Thigpen, Steve Houghton, John Santos, Antonio Sanchez, and Avashai Cohen to name a few. Danny’s knowledge and respect for the art of music has crafted him into a versatile, creative percussionist whose experience expands across a colorful array of genres. Danny now plays percussion and is the Artistic Director for Jarabe Mexicano.

Kevin Lomes
Vihuela, Vocals, &
Educational Presenter


Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Kevin played in marching band and sang in choir at Granite Hills High School. Kevin went on to receive his Bachelor of Arts in Music Education with an emphasis on classical voice from San Diego State University. He has performed in groups such as the SDSU Marching Aztecs, with which he has traveled throughout the U.S. to states such as Louisiana, Washington, Idaho, North Carolina, Hawaii, and Nevada. Kevin was also a founding member of the SDSU Chamber Choir, with which he has traveled to Europe. Kevin is also a member of the San Diego Pro Arte Voices professional ensemble. In addition to performing, Kevin teaches music privately and at community schools such as the City Heights Music School. 

Eduardo "Eddy" Valencia
Guitarron, Vocals, &
Educational Presenter

Eddy Steve Kevin 1 Comm College.jpg

Eddy was born in Van Nuys, CA and was raised in Nogales, AZ. Coming from a musical family, Ed started playing the guitar but eventually moved on to other band instruments such as clarinet, saxophone, and piano. He began touring professionally throughout the 80’s and early 90’s with rock bands, while also sharing the stage with the world famous Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan, one of Mexico’s leading exponents of mariachi music. Afterwards, he brought mariachi music to schools and communities in Nogales, AZ, directing and performing with one of his local mariachis at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. When he’s not on tour singing and playing guitarron for Jarabe Mexicano, Eddie continues to lead mariachi groups in the Phoenix area.

Esteban "Steve" Smith
Lead Guitar &
Educational Presenter

Steve 1 Senior Center.jpg

Steve is an accomplished musician, whose guitar prowess is second to none. He studied music at the University of Arizona and can be heard in many musical productions around the Tucson and greater Phoenix areas. From playing Blues and contemporary Jazz music with the band Raw Material at various regional festivals, to performing country music with bands like Flipside and the Jack Bishop Band at Tucson's famous Maverick Club, Steve also explored Tex-Mex and Latin styles such as flamenco and Afro-Cuban while playing with the band Latino Solido. Interestingly, Steve played a major hand in helping Danny Brito start his professional career in music. Steve is now the Lead Guitarist for Jarabe Mexicano.

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